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The MagDop was originally developed by John Hamer. It is with his resounding approval and blessing, that we began manufacturing and distributing this valuable dopping aid to facetors all over the world.

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Dopping With A MagDop Insures Accurate Positioning of Gem Material

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MagDop  is shown inserted in a number of Transfer fixtures. We have tried to show a number of popular TF's with the MagDop applied.

Please specify type of Transfer Fixture in your order, as dimension requirements vary for some fixtures!!!!




 Current cost for the MagDop: $36.45usd, includes insured Priority Mail to the USA.


Prices subject to change. Save shipping expense when buying multiple items packaged in one box!

Contact: Info.lightninglap_LL@yahoo.com



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The MagDop comes with a magnetic base, a centering pin, and a steel floating post with Cone and Vee combo; some silicone material to grip, and hold the stone in place while dopping. For very small rough use less of the silicone to secure the stone in place.



"I got it [MagDop] today. It is so well done. I'm proud of you. my friend. Thank you so much. Very nice magnet [tool]." Billy S

"I Rec'd your MagDop and it is quite nice! I use a graves 3 post transfer jig. Your special modifications worked just fine! I will need to buy one more complete system with reduced height cone [floating center]. I do cutting in the office as well as at home...No immediate rush on the second MagDop order." Thanks. Glenn P.

"I have had a chance to use the MagDop on a small piece of rough. Centering it would have been difficult without it. It was a piece of Arizona anthill garnet that is very clean and like most them quite small. Being perfectly centered makes a big difference in the yield." Jeff B

"It's quite a bargain, considering that Ultratec gets $25 just for a simple target dop. I'm really looking forward to the MagDop! I have to cut a 5mm sapphire for someone, and the rough is very close, so it will be put to work immediately." Kevin S.


" I received the MagDop a few weeks ago. It is spectacular, it allowed me to re-dop numerous stones that had fallen off during performing with next to zero loss. It also gave me my first, “as big as possible” stone. Every point came within fractions of a mm of the edge of the rough. ... I would like another Magdop please. I had numerous troubles with my [other] (:( machine, so I have returned it. [Due to shank size I will need a different Magdop], as I am now awaiting delivery of a Fac-Ette Gemmaster II. Could you please send me a paypal invoice for a MagDop to suit this machine. I will be using the “Fac-Ette Deluxe Transfer Tool”... Thanks, Lawrence

The Revolutionary LightningLap™ ("LL") from www.lightninglap.com


The LL is a space-age, 2-sided, very heavy weight composite, but lighter than copper or ceramic. The LL is harder than cast Iron. It even sounds and feels like metal when you tap on it. The LL is an aggressively smooth, flat, lapping surface that is fast, easy to use, durable, and can be used with either diamond or oxides, with just a thorough cleansing in between polishes. The LL can out-perform, out-shine many other laps on many gem materials. Try one today! 

MagDop Post with Rough Attached


MagDop head

Works with: Fac-ette, UT, Graves, OmniE, Facetron, Lee, Raytech or any other Transfer Fixture. Specs differ, so be sure to state the make of your Transfer Fixture. Additional specs may be required to accomodate your TF!





 "...the Magdop allows a user to center rough using the pointer so that you can place the center of the dop exactly where you want it. That's how you use it to save rough, or, in a recent case, to deliberately offset the dop so that a fractured side will cut off. Where the pointer points will be the center of the dop."--Bob B

 "I just used it for a stone which needed precise positioning and it worked great." -Ted

"Just had a chance to use it [MagDop] Amazing how simple it is. Sometimes the simpler the better. I had so much fun with it that I dopped 5 stones, all small cut offs that I had considered too small to work with..." Fred T

"I want to let you know that I have been using your Magdop for little over a month now with the longer rod for the Raytech transfer jig. I love it. This piece of ingenuity has saved me so much time for finding the center of rough and also for centering a couple of stones I that had previously come off the dop, it worked great!" Gary H

"I finally got around to purchasing a Magdop...and how I wish I would have done it sooner. It really helps to get the most out of the smaller pieces of rough I am currently cutting. If anyone is looking for something to help with the alignment of the rough for the initial dopping , be sure to [buy a MagDop] it really helps." Jack H